Getting a CCTV camera for your premises, home or office, does not depend on the expensive items you own. Security of your possessions and your loved ones is an important aspect that cannot be overlooked.

When it comes to home security or business security, the first feasible option that tops the list is the CCTV or the Closed Circuit Television Security system. Anyone who owns a house or business can benefit from a CCTV camera. A CCTV camera allows videotaping a particular area inside a room or the premises of the building. In several cases, the CCTV cameras offered by Eurovigil can be linked to warning systems inside the home or can even alert the police or other emergency contacts.

How To Use CCTV Camera

You can view the videotape recorded by the CCTV camera immediately or at a later instant of time. The task of installing a CCTV camera can be daunting but knowing a few things like how to install CCTV camera, how to connect CCTV camera and how to setup CCTV camera, the task can become simpler and effective.

  • How To Install CCTV Camera:

    The idea of drilling holes in the walls and ceilings to let the cables and wires run through is a daunting task, but nowadays, the CCTV surveillance system comes in packages that make setting up the system a breeze.

    • Having a sketch of the home or office which needs to be secured using the CCTV camera system and finding strategic locations to place your CCTV cameras is the first step towards installing a CCTV camera system. Buying the right camera is the next step.
    • Choose a high broad angle location for your CCTV camera close to a power source and a comfortable position for the monitor. Once you position the camera, attach it to a reliable power supply to activate it.
    • Once powered, attach your CCTV camera to your VCR or connect the wireless camera to your computer to view the videotape. Once done, the CCTV camera security system is all set to go.
  • How To Connect CCTV Camera:

    There are different ways to connect a CCTV camera to your monitor. You can do so by using a coaxial cable, or the latest wireless CCTV cameras can be connected to your computer or television using the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth facility or even a pen drive or any other flash memory devices.

  • Consolidating The Surveillance System:

    Consolidating the surveillance system: Creating a central hub for all the CCTV cameras in a place where you can run wires from anywhere in the house or office is an ideal way to set up a hub. Using Siamese wires can make things easier and easy to handle. One DVR should be enough for all your CCTV cameras. Give one video port for each of the cameras for a more effective system. Hide all the wires neatly, and the system is ready to function. Alternatively, one can call the Eurovigil security specialists to help in setting up of the surveillance system.

As Eurovigil offers you a wide range, its team of experts perform a risk assessment of your premises and based on that not only suggest, but also help you in setting up the CCTVs suitable for your home/office. Once the setup is complete, it protects you 24 x 7.

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