Your dream abode is one of the most valuable assets in your life, and you will surely want to ensure complete safety for it. Numerous people visit you every day, and it’s not that you want to meet all of them. Moreover, each time the doorbell rings, you have to get up from work, come running from the kitchen, or rush from the bathroom to check who’s at the door!

Imagine having an automated solution that will save you the efforts of answering your door bell all the time. With the emergence of high-performance video door phones, homeowners can enjoy complete peace of mind. There’s somebody to take care of the people arriving at the door, no matter who they are!

elcom - Eurovigil Video Door Phone

Home Security Is Important:

You simply can’t deny the importance of protecting your home. At times, strangers, intruders, and salespersons are waiting at the door, and you just don’t want to open it for them. It’s at these junctures that video door phones and doorbells play the vital role. You can engage in live conversations with the person without even opening your main door. With 2-way audio communications and video conferencing facilities, you will have the opportunity to see who’s waiting outside.

Why do you need them?

Every homeowner is concerned about safety to a great extent. However, some of them aren’t aware of the significance of video door phones. Here are some reasons to help them comprehend the importance of smart home devices!

Home Safety

You may have many visitors at your doorstep, and safety of your home may be a concern for you. While you allow your family members and friends inside, you will not want somebody undesired to barge into your house. It’s right here that a video doorbell comes to the rescue. With inbuilt audio communication systems, this equipment will help you answer the visitor without opening the door.

Smart Monitoring

How would you feel if somebody was there to look after your home even when you aren’t present? Well, video door phones ensure smart surveillance and home inspection. With motion-sensors, security systems, and viewing apps, these systems help you keep an eye 24X7 irrespective of the fact if you are physically present on the spot or not.

Lucid Access

No matter where you are in your house, smart doorbells and video phones let you answer the door phone. All you need to do is take a look at your smartphone, and that will notify you about the person. If an undesirable person comes up at the door, you can simply ignore the bell or ask the person to leave the premises.

Connected and Smart Homes

Your video door phone is not only to help you open the doors. It also integrates with your existing home security systems making home monitoring easier than ever. Even while you are away, your friends and relatives can enter seamlessly.

Video Door Phone Range from Eurovigil

Eurovigil has come up with high-performance solutions in video door phone systems meant exclusively for your residence.

  • Eurovigil I See 200

The 7” TFT screen of the system lets you view who is outside the door. You can also interact with its Intercom based voice communication. The hands-free communication and lock control for unlocking the system and allowing the visitor inside are other notable features of Eurovigil I See 200.

  • Eurovigil Way Kit

It features an Intercom and allows you to establish communication with another installed monitor inside the house. Its security feature includes playback option of video (in case of memory card insertion) or images (if the memory card is not inserted). Eurovigil also brings to you the ‘2 apartments kit’ where you can also call another apartment. You can record calls and set a ‘do not disturb’ mode through the device.

  • Multi-Apartment Eurovigil Elcom

The compact video door phone unit features a 3.5” TFT display. The device comes with hands-free communication with weather proof electronics. The system is equipped with a smart receiver, backlit keys for SOS, and Door open function. The system also has a multi-apartment outdoor unit, along with a High-Resolution adjustable Camera.

The Need for Advanced Systems

Home security systems are highly important for every apartment, personal residences, and bungalows. Homeowners are increasingly realising the importance of these devices and embracing the video-phone technology today. You must get them from pioneers who have mastered the art of manufacturing and installing them! With digital controls, powerful ringers, smart receivers, and 2-channel video systems, these systems are perfect partners for advanced home security!

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