Security, is very important in today’s world. They are the most vulnerable when it comes to homes, as they spend most of the time in the house. Installation of a proper video door phone security system is an excellent idea to avoid any unpleasant incidents at your home.

Eurovigil Video Door Phone

Let’s take a look at some smart ways a video door phone offered by Eurovigil can elevate the level of security and protect children and senior members of your family:

  • No strangers can enter without permission
    Through a video door phone, both the elderly and children can know if it’s a stranger or an acquaintance, thereby deciding whether to allow or deny them inside the house.
  • Two-way Communication
    With the help of speakers, you can ensure a two-way communication with the person waiting outside and find out the motive of his/her visit. If doubtful, you can bolt the door from inside and call for help.
  • Safety Day or Night
    A clear camera with a night vision capability ensures the protection of elderly and the children at home 24X7. It allows them to look out for any suspicious activity outside the house, scan the entire area and move out of the house to a safe place on time before any mishap.
  • Great help for people with physical disabilities
    Having a video door phone can be a big help for the physically disabled individuals in the family. It allows them to open the door remotely without the hassle of visiting doors whenever a bell rings. Also, new age wireless video door phone allows the parents to monitor the door from the comfort of their bed.
  • Easy and Hassle free Setup
    You can install the interior monitor (used to monitor the checkpoint and the targeted visitor) anywhere in the house, thereby avoiding the chore of visiting the doorway frequently. New age wireless video door phone also doesn’t require a complicated web of cables to install. Its simple interface allows even the children to monitor what is happening outside their home without being under any danger.
  • Remote Monitoring with IP Cameras
    With the advent of new age security video door phones, you can record the video and provide it to a law enforcement officer if required. Also with the help of internet and IP cameras, your family can watch over you and know about any potential or real threats to your safety at home 24/7.

These types of video door phones for apartments from Eurovigil will be a great security booster for children and older members in your family:

  • Eurovigil I See 100
    It comes with a 4.3″ screen and supports 2 door stations up to 4 monitors alongside supporting up to 2 CCTV cameras with 1 door station. It further comes with a ‘Don’t disturb’ function and IR HD Camera for night vision.
  • Eurovigil I See 300
    It offers a 7” screen to view the person standing outside the door. It comes with hands-free communication and lock control for unlocking the system and allowing the visitor inside. It also allows Intercom based voice communication.
  • Eurovigil Way Kit
    It features an Intercom and allows you to establish communication with another installed monitor inside the house. On opting for the 2 apartment’s kit, you get the choice to call to another apartment. It also features a playback of a video (in case memory card is inserted) or images. You can record calls and set a ‘do not disturb’ mode through the device.
  • Multi-Apartment Eurovigil Elcom
    A 3.5” High-Resolution TFT display with backlit keys for SOS and Door open is built into the compact video door phone unit with the smart receiver. The system also has a multi-apartment outdoor unit, with a Built-in CCD 1/3” High-Resolution adjustable Camera. The system offers hands-free communication with weather proof electronics.

Although there are many other points to describe as to how a video door phone can help your family’s security, the above features are more than sufficient for you to get the gist of the idea. There is never a value we can put to our family’s security, and Eurovigil’s video door phones can bring you a great security solution for their security at home.

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