AC Controller

1. On/Off, Temperature, Fan, Swing. Personalized rules & schedules to save power consumption

2. Any Make Air Conditioner Controller

This device is used for bridging Z-wave home appliances & IR devices within home. Through the usage of on/off button against this device on the web UI home page device listing. The on/off buttons can be used to turn/off AC connected to this controller. Once the device is in ON condition, the user will be provided with a slider to control the AC temperature. The same can be controlled from the iMonitor App running on iPhones/iPad/Android Devices etc.
      1. 100% Z-wave interoperable
      2. Perfect Gateway companion
      3. Best-in-class IR learning capability
      4. Built-in IR libraries
      • RF Operating Distance
        Upto 80Ft outdoor line of sight
      • IR operating distance
        Up to 25 Ft line of sight
      • Power
        Adaptor DC 5V 100mA USB Power DC 5V Dry Battery AAA x 3 pcs
      • Humidity
        10 ~ 80%, non-condensing
      • Dimensions
        Dia=70mm, T=18mm (main Unit) Dia=70mm, T=15.5mm(battery chassis)
      • Weight

How It Works

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