16 AMPS controller

Care has no boundaries, and so a unique appliance control system ensures that you can manage and secure your home, no matter where you are. It allows you to remotely control home appliances such as microwave oven, washing machine and geyser, and make home management amazingly easy. Through the appliance control system, specified devices can be switched on and off remotely, drawing up to 16 amp current and yet, keeping your home safe and well-managed, even when you are not around.

    1. On/Off high wattages devices such as Oven, Geyser, etc. Personalized rules & schedules for convenience & to save power consumption
    2. Our Z-Wave enabled product allows user to remotely control lighting, home appliance, and make home control easy at low installation / maintenance cost. You may begin with a few Z-Wave enabled devices or build up a complete home automation system with our products.
    3. Our 16 amp Switch Module is fully compatible with any Z-Wave enabled network. It allows remote On/Off control of specified devices drawing up to 16amp current ; each module is designed to act as a repeater, which will re-transmit the RF signal to ensure that the signal is received by its intended destination by routing the signal around obstacle and radio dead spots.
    1. Rating input: 230Vac
    2. Input frequency: 50Hz
    3. RF frequency: 865.22MHz (16 AMP SWITCH MODULE)
    4. Max. Range: up to 25m (line of sight between the Wireless Controller and the closest Z-Wave receiver module.)
    5. Max. output power of Z-Wave controlled:
      1. a. Max Incandescent Load 1500W 6.52A
      2. b. Max Resistive Load 3520W 15.3A
    6. Dimension (L x W x H): 125x60x42mm
    7. Gross Weight: 220g
    8. Storage: -10~60oC
    9. Operation Temperature: 0~40oC
    10. Environment: Indoor use only

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