Curtain Controller

Enables remote operation of curtains and link to specified rules & schedules for auto operation.

The Micro Motor Controller is specifically used to enable Z-Wave command and control (up/down) for existing window covering motors. The wireless module is powered from the mains supply and is a three-wire design which requires a neutral connection.

    1. Input: 230V 50Hz input
    2. Output: 575W or 2.5A max output
    3. Radio frequency: 865.22Mhz (IN)
    4. Transmitting power: 0 dBm
    5. Range: 15 meters
    6. Control function: relay
    7. Status Indicator: LED
    8. Operating Temperature: 0-40 Celcius
    9. Operating Humidity: 95%
    10. Dimensions: (52x50x27mm) 60g
    11. Open/Close control via Z-Wave, manual Wall Switch and/or built-in button
    12. Small form factor that fit in most gang boxes worldwide
    13. 3-Wire installation
    14. Available for USA, EU and Australian markets (UL, FCC, CE, C-TICK, ROHS)
    15. Optimized for Somfy WT Motors

How It Works

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