Gateway Panel

Product Desciprtion

A range of lifestyle automation products come together to help make your home and life more convenient, liveable and comfortable. The master controller is the central component of the system and connects all your home appliances and fixtures to an integrated network – and hands over the controls to you. So that you can run your home just the way you want to, and never need to worry about managing each device. Just enjoy automated, one-touch control over a wide range of home fixtures and appliances in your entire home, at the touch of a button – its more secure and also more fun!
    1. Performs Central Role
    2. Ensures 24×7 monitoring
    3. Ideal for multi-user multi-device apps
    4. Replicates all account data locally and caters for internet outage
    5. Take care of seamless integration of various technologies
    6. Reduces burden on the central servers as well as on Mobile Apps.
    7. Ensure Intelligent traffic management
    8. No new wiring required
    9. Master Controller & Modules form a self healing, robust Z-Wave network
    10. Master Controller & Modules communicates on Z-Wave Wireless Protocol, without being in ‘Line of Sight’ of each other
    11. The Devices contributing to MESH technology will be all power operated. Battery operated devices will NOT participate in the mesh routing.
    12. Range: Approximately 65 feet (or 20 meters) assuming “open air” conditions, with reduced range indoors depending on building materials – Metal, Glass, Concrete, etc..
    13. Only 4 hops are possible in a given direction from the master controller.
    14. Low Powered RF communications technology that supports full mesh networks without the need for a coordinator node
    15. Operates in the sub-1GHz band; impervious to interference from Wi-Fi and other wireless technologies in the 2.4-GHz range (Bluetooth, ZigBee, etc.)
    16. Frequency band in India: 865.22 MHz
    17. Two Way Acknowledgments Protocol
    18. Designed specifically for control and status apps, supports data rates of up to 100kbps, with AES125 encryption, IPV6, and multi-channel operation
    19. Full interoperability through layer 5 with backwards compatibility to all versions.
    • Network
    • Ethernet
      LAN: 4 (10/100 Mbit/sec Port) WAN : 1 (10/100 Mbit/sec Port)
      Wi-Fi : IEEE 802.11n Z-Wave : Built in Z-Wave module
    • Hardware
    • Processors & Memory
      500 MHz MIPS SoC NAND Flash 32 MB DDR2 128 MB
      1 DC Power Jack 5 RJ-45 Connectors 2 USB Ports
      LED & Button
      LEDs: Power, WAN, LAN, Wi-Fi, WPS, HAN, USB & Service. Buttons : Sync, Reset & WPS
      2 RF Internal Antenna 1 Z-Wave Internal Antenna
      Power Consumption
      12 DC, Max 10.5 W
      FCC, CE
      177mm x 130mm x 34mm (7.0in x 5.0in x 1.34in)
      300 gm (0.66lb)
    • Environment
    • Operation
      Temperature : 0˚ – 40 ˚C (32˚- 104˚ F) Humidity : 10% – 80 % RH (non-condensing)
      Temperature : -20˚ – 40 ˚C (-4˚- 158˚ F) Humidity : 0% – 90 % RH (non-condensing)
    • Accessories
    • Accessories
      Power Supply : 12V / 1A , 100-240V AC
    1. One Year Warranty
    2. Mandatory customer visit once in six months
    3. Post sale complaint will be resolved in 48 hrs within the radius of 50 kms from the metro city.
    4. Non Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract applicable
    1. New Wireless Protocol being Introduced in India for the first time
    2. Establishes an Intelligent, Private and Secure Network within your house between the devices to serve you and your nominees only
    3. Range can be extended significantly since each device acts as a Repeater and creates a Mesh Network
    4. Range can be further extended using Master-Slave configuration
    5. Line of sight not required
    6. Especially suited for two-way communication for monitoring and control
    7. Intelligent network enables the devices to learn to find best communication path for high performance
    8. Very safe : Magnetic flux from 2000 devices is equivalent to that from one GSM phone
    9. Modular Design: New devices can be added seamlessly very easily any time to add new features and additional capabilities
    10. Scalable: Can add upto 232 devices
    11. Secure: Designed to be secure from unauthorized access
    1. Wired Internet is must at the location with minimum of 512Kbps
    2. Maximum 4 Hops from gateway
    3. Presence of metal will attenuate signal considerably.
    4. Dual Switch à Max wattage 1150/Per switch
    5. Dimmer à Max Wattage 400 for Lighting/100 for Fan (90% of fans will be less than 100)
    6. Dimmers work with Incandescent, Halogen, LED dimmable ballast with Traic (still needs to be checked)
    7. Current Dual switch can be programmed for Tact (Push Button) or Rocker Type
    8. Current Dual switch can be programmed for 1 click or 2-click operations
    9. When Dual switch is used for 2-Way wiring, both end points will get used up
    10. Curtain controller à should be wired type, if the customer already has with Remote, it cannot be controlled with our device. Ref model Somfy WT models
    11. For BOQ, the light – switch termination should be considered while grouping them in the dual or single, if switches are terminating at a single switch board, the grouping can be done
    12. Neutral is must for connecting our switches.
    13. PIR, once motion is detected, there will be a 4 min block-out time before it can detect next motion. This is as per the industry standard.
    14. LCD remote can only do full open/close for curtain controllers
    15. The house should have Router with wifi capability for using with Smart Devices in local
    16. The placement of the Master Controller is critical for the range.
    17. User Accounts à Max 6 (Main User + 5 sub users)
    18. Rules/schedules/scenarios à Max 25 with 25 action items per rule/scenario/ schedule
    19. IP cameras from our side will work well within standard WIFI-Range from our master controller, if they are beyond, either cat5 wiring or Wifi Extenders or Power line adapter should be used.
    20. There will be initial delay while starting the IP camera stream.
    21. Power plug points are required for curtain motor and recommended for IP camera, AC extender locations.
    22. We should publish the list of AC makes supported. Any unlisted brand will take 3-4 weeks, if we can get one remote for ‘learning’.

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