When your system is armed, the Z-wave Siren provides a piercing audible alarm and strobe light in response to an event detected by cameras or sensors in your system (for example, if the back door opens in the middle of the night). It will even provide audible feedback (a chirp) when a sensor is triggered while your system is unarmed. For indoor use.
    • Technical Specifications
    • Operating Voltage
    • Frequency Range
    • Wireless Range
      Up to 30Mts in line of sight
    • Buzzer sound
      > 95dB at 30 Cm distance
    • Storage Temperature
      -5C to +65C
    • Storage Humidity
      10% to 70%
    • Operating Temperature
      0C to 50C
    • Operating Humidity
      30% to 80%
    • Weight

How It Works

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