Wireless PIR

The PIR Motion Sensor is easy to install anywhere in your home, and will alert your system whenever physical motion occurs within 20 feet of the sensor. Whether it’s a sleepwalking child, or an unwelcome trespasser, you’ll know when someone’s on the move. False-trigger reduction technology minimizes unnecessary alerts.
      • Technical Specifications
      • Normal Operating Voltage
        2 X AA 1.5 V batteries Do NOT use rechargeable batteries
      • Frequency Range
      • Wireless Range
        Up to 30Mts in line of sight
      • Temperature Sensor Accuracy
        +/- 2.5 C From -55C to +130C
      • Motion Sensor range
        Max 10 Meters under a 110 Degree Angle
      • Storage Temperature
        -5C to +65C
      • Storage Humidity
        10% to 70%
      • Operating Temperature
        0C to 50C
      • Operating Humidity
        30% to 80%

How It Works

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