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Video Door Phone for Apartment/Row house

Eurovigil I See 200

Price: 15,990.00/- (INR)

I See 200 – Video Door Phone

Eurovigil I See 200

Price: 15,990.00/- (INR)


  • Large 7 inch TFT Color display Screen
  • Voice Intercom between the internal monitors
  • Hands free Communication
  • Lock Control for Unlocking
  • Real Time Monitoring at Door Station
  • Supports Up to 2 Outdoor stations and 4 indoor monitors
  • Brightness, Contrast, Volume and Ringer adjustments
  • Built in SMPS to handle power fluctuations
  • 1/3” HD Image Sensor Camera with white LED Night Vision Technology
  • Sleek, Rugged, Metal Camera unit with weather proof and its surface mounted, hard to tamper.
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Eurovigil WayKit

Eurovigil Way Kit


  • Intercom- Establish communication with another installed monitor inside the house. In the 2 apartments kit the option to call to another apartment is available as well.
  • Playback - After 3 seconds the monitor automatically records a video (in case there is a micro SD Card installed) or a picture (in case there isn’t) of the visitors. While answering, you also have the option to manually take a snapshot of your visit. The recorded videos/pictures from the outdoor panel will be played on the screen.
  • Capacity: 118 pictures (without micro SD Card) or audio & video record up to 32G (with micro SD Card).
  • Settings: Brightness, contrast, selection of melodies, date & time, scene mode (brightly, soft and user), ring volume for day time and night time, language selection (16 different), etc.
  • Do not disturb - Take your time to relax. Activate the Do not Disturb in 1 HOUR, 8 HOURS or always.
  • Call record - All the calls from panel-to-monitor, monitor-to-monitor and between monitors will be recorded and can be reviewed afterwards.
  • Touch screen - Digital TFT colour monitor with capacitive touch screen that facilitates an intuitive use. 3 shortcut buttons for a quick access without using the screen.
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Multi-Apartment Eurovigil Elcom

Multi-Apartment Eurovigil Elcom


Video Door Phone Unit – Compact design – 400 Series – 2 CH
  • Color Video Phone with 3.5” High Resolution TFT Display
  • Compact design with smart receiver
  • Video Phone with 2 Channel : Auto / Manual Selection
  • Back light illuminated keys for Door Open & SOS
  • Digital Controls for Brightness, Contrast & Color
  • Ringer with 3 levels along with mute option for privacy
  • Dimensions Phone (W X H X D ) : 100 x 192 x 50
Multi-apartment VDP Door Station (Outdoor Unit / Lobby Station)
  • Anti-Vandal, Flush Mount – Metal Body, Classic DS
  • Front plate with Brush finish – 3 mm Anodized aluminum with Frame.
  • Built-in CCD 1/3” High Resolution Camera – 480 TVL with IR for vision in low light
  • Camera can be adjusted +/- 10 (up down, left right)
  • Hands free Communication – weather proof electronics
  • Door bell push button with name plate backlight with SOS indication
  • Runs with ELCOM power supply “PSU-620”
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How comfortable would life be if there was no need to get up and answer the door? Eurovigil is making lives convenient with its video intercom system for home options. Do not let anyone in without first checking who it is. And, do so from the comforts of the bedroom, kitchen or anywhere in the house.

Specialised Systems for Everyday Use

Some features make an ordinary video door bell stand out from those created by experts. Eurovigil security specialists ensure that intercoms which are being installed are updated and ideally placed. There is no room for mistakes.

Making A Difference

Some technicalities and finishes make each bell stand out from the others. Eurovigil uses the most advanced features across its various models to ensure optimum level of safety and comfort.

  • Some models come equipped with special gold plated contacts which make them more durable
  • There are colour cameras which come with many adjustable features like built-in white lighting and pan system
  • Get the provision to monitor the visitor real time through your door station
  • The models are quite sleek, at the same time rugged and weather resistant

Innovative Surveillance & Monitoring Technology

Be it a video intercom system or video door phone, they bring optimum security to your home, especially if there are kids at home or work from home alone. For instance, the door bell push button comes with a nameplate backlight with SOS indication to make it easy for you to spot.

These systems eliminate the fear of opening the door to a complete stranger. Check whose at the gate before even opening it, with premium cameras with HD displays, two-way communication, and DVR security systems.

Security by Experts at Eurovigil

No need to change weekend plans or worry about the safety of home. Get the Eurovigil state-of-the-art professional-quality HD security system and throw your apprehensions out the window. Home Security made easy. And at affordable prices!

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Video Door Phone Certifications

Video Door Phone Brochure


Today morning at 1.05 am there was a burglary attempt at our office premises. However, the same was foiled as our office is fitted with Eurovigil’s Intruder Alarm System. Thanks to Eurovigil and Eureka Forbes Limited.
Proprietor, Beautex, Mumbai.
We would like to appreciate the service provided by EFL for the prompt information given by your Eurovigil Monitoring Station in calling us immediately when there was a burglary attempt at our office thereby preventing any loss.
Mr.Boban Varghese,
Director, TeaQ , Bangalore.
At 10.59 pm there was a burglary at our premises, the same was communicated to us by Eureka Forbes (Eurovigil Monitoring Station). The same was informed to the police station as per our request and no valuables were lost. Thanks to Eureka Forbes and Eurovigil.
Gokul Jewelers, Bangalore
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